Privacy policy

The following document describes the LTD „ALLIT Service“ privacy policy for products and websites produced under the brand „Zillya!“ . ALLIT Service company cares for the personal information of its customers and partners. All collected personal and commercial information is used either for technical purposes (for identifying clients and their best service), or through contractual relationships with customers and partners (for the fulfillment of mutual obligations).

ALLIT Service company receives the following contact information from users: name, email address, user location (town, country), data on our company products used. For the correct functioning of the databases and software modules update server the server receives the information on some aspects of the computer's configuration, which does not allow to identify the user. This information is used to interact with users when they are contacting technical support and for providing the advertising information if the user does not refused its receipt. Technical Support may request detailed user information on the configuration of their computers and operating systems on which they are installed. Such information is needed for more accurate identification of problems, which appear because of the company's products usage, and for the most effective recommendations for its elimination.

Company „ALLIT Service“ does not disclose the fact of Zillya! products usage without the customers consent. In addition, the company ALLIT Service collects and stores information about all visitors of its Internet resources. This information contains information about the visitor IP-address, browser, address of the requested resource, resource request-time, operating system. This information is stored in the form of web server logs and is used to analyze the composition of the audience visiting the company web-resources. Information provided by customers and partners during completing the various web forms, is stored in special databases and used for the granting of licenses (non-profit organizations), user authentication when contacting technical support.

"ALLIT Service" does not transmit this information to third parties. User makes all decisions about whether to indicate or not this or any other information. When submitting files for virus-checking on-line, the visitors of the company's web-resources should understand that at the time of uploading files to ALLIT Service company server file content can be intercepted and read by third parties without the knowledge of the company. When you download a file to an on-line virus scans by using company web-resources, not only the downloaded file is in disposal of the company, but the full path to it on your computer.

The company will not provide the information contained in these files to anyone other than partners who have similar standards to ensure confidentiality. And inside the company a limited number of staff whose duties include the analysis and processing of suspicious files to make the appropriate signs of the virus database has access to this information. The company is not responsible for the information contained in files that are downloaded by users to check for viruses on the web-resources of the company, meaning that users carry out such actions consciously.

Please note that we may disclose your personal information if required to do so by law to government agencies or law enforcement agencies.

Remember that information you post on the forum and other public company web-resources, can not be regarded as confidential. Be careful, because such information may be collected and used by others. Company ALLIT Service reserves the right to make changes to the privacy policy. All updates of this policy will be published in this section.