Features and functionality

1. What is Zillya! Antivirus Laboratory?

Zillya! is the only Antivirus Laboratory in Ukraine that successfully develops cyber security and antivirus software since 2009. The company works with B2C and B2B markets. The company works in both local and international markets. Zillya! technologies are developed from the scratch and represented in more than 15 countries around the world.

2. What does abbreviation OEM mean?

OEM – Original Equipment Manufacturer – is a term used when one company makes a part or subsystem that is used in another company's end product. Generally, an OEM is the company that makes a part that is marketed by another company typically as a component of the second company's product.

3. What is Co-branding / White Labeling program?

Co-branding means creation of the new antivirus product on the basis of the already existing solution by changing its design and name and selling it under another brand, where product developer or Vendor provides the full technological support to the Co-branding partner.

4. Who is eligible for Co-branding / White Labeling program?

There is no limitation on clients who wish to become our Co-branding Partners. Private and public companies and organizations, as well as entrepreneurs and start-uppers are welcomed! Moreover, Co-branding services ideally suit to the companies that already have an access to large auditory of end users: internet providers, mobile operators, software and hardware developers and distributors. By adding antivirus products to the portfolio, companies can not only increase their sales but also create value to their brands.

5. How does the process of solution re-branding look like?

There are four main steps before you will receive the ready solution and start your brand-named product selling:

  • To choose the product you want to work with
  • To discuss and agree all conditions and details of work with your personal manager
  • To receive and sign the agreement of partnership
  • To make the payment for the product creation and receive the ready solution under your brand

6. How long does the creation process of antivirus product under MY brand take?

There are the following time schedules for the product or combination of products creation:

  • Antivirus :30 calendar days
  • Internet Security : 30 calendar days
  • Enterprise Security: 45 calendar days
  • Antivirus +Internet Security: 45 calendar days
  • Internet Security +Enterprise Security: 60 calendar days
  • Antivirus +Internet Security + Enterprise Security: 60 calendar days
1. Will “Zillya!” name be mentioned in the already Co-branded product (under Partner’s brand name)?

Zillya! name will be mentioned in the partner product only once. The Start-up screen of partner software includes notification “Based on Zillya! Antivirus Engine”.

2. What about antivirus updates and antivirus databases? Does Zillya! provide technical support for integrating antivirus databases on Partner’s server?

All antivirus updates take place on Zillya! Lab server but they are automatically delivered to Partner’s server, and all Partner’s end users receive those updates.
Partner should provide access to his server to Zillya! Lab to set up update system and re-direction of updates for antivirus databases. These updates are automatically forwarded to Partner’s server every day, once a day.
Regarding the server type: for installing the updates Zillya! Lab needs: ready WEB-server, with operation system Linux or FreeBSD, installed WEB-server (Apach), database (MySQL) and some service software (wget, FTP server). It's possible to use any kind of server: VPS or Dedicate.
The most important characteristic for server update is Unlimited traffic.

3. What will happen if Zillya! Lab will update the product ordered by Partner to a new version?

In case New versions of Licensed software are released within the term of validity of partnership period, Zillya! Lab will provide Partner with the version of the product or will continue to support Partner’s current version of software (the question is negotiable).

4. How Partner can control the number of license keys activated by his end users?

Zillya! Lab provides Partners with License key generator – the special instrument to generate, control and manage all license keys.

5. When does the license start its "life": after it was generated or after it was activated?

The license key starts its "life" only after it is activated. Not generated, but activated.

6. Is it possible to generate multiple-user license keys?

Yes, multiple-user license keys are possible to be generated. All details should be discussed within negotiation process.

7. What happens with licenses that were generated but not activated during the certain payment period?

Licenses that were already generated but not activated remain at the disposal of Partner during the whole partnership period. They do NOT expire!

8. How is the product delivered to Partner?

The product and everything that is attached to it (codes, passwords, manuals, presentations, any other necessary materials) is delivered to Partner online.

9. Does Zillya! Software products support mobile devices?

Zillya! Products cannot be used on mobile devices as they are dedicated for Windows PCs only.

10. What operating systems are supported by Zillya! Products?

XP (SP2, SP3), Windows Vista, Windows 7 (x32/x64), Windows 8 (x32/x64), Windows 10 (x32/x64).

1. What is the total price for the product under MY brand name creation?

The full price consists of two parts:

  • Initial payment for the product under your brand name creation (this is the ONE-time payment)
  • License fees – payments for license keys ordering (for license keys ordering)

2. What is the price for license keys ordering?

This price is formed depending on:

  • Product / products that Partner will work with
  • The country (region) where Partner will work
  • Number of license keys that Partner will sell monthly / quarterly
What internationally recognized certificates does Zillya! Antivirus Laboratory obtain?

Zillya! Laboratory has the following certificates:

  • Status of OPSWAT Certified Partner
  • Bronze certificate of Zillya! Antivirus (by OPSWAT)
  • Status of Premier Elite Partner of Intel
1. What kind of support will I as Zillya! Co-branding partner receive?

Zillya! Laboratory will be fully responsible for the whole technical part of Partner’s business by providing:

  • Product development (under Partner’s brand name)
  • Antivirus bases and modules updating
  • Technical consulting (for Partner’s technical specialists)

2. What will I be responsible for?

You as Zillya! Laboratory Co-branding Partner will be responsible for:

  • Brand development
  • Sales and marketing
  • Customer support (first line of end-user support)
If you did not find the answer to your question, please, write to us

write us an e-mail bizdev@zillya.com