License agreement


The following agreement ("Agreement") sets forth the terms and conditions under which ALLIT SERVICE LTD (Zillya! copyright holder) is willing to license the "Software" and accompanying "Documentation" to "You" as an individual user or an authorised representative of an entity. By accepting this agreement, you are entering into a binding legal contract with ALLIT SERVICE LTD. These terms and conditions of the agreement then apply to your use of the software and subscription services. Please print this agreement for your records and save a copy electronically.

You must read and accept this Agreement before you install or use the Software. If you are an individual, then you must be at least 18 years old and have attained the age of majority in the state, province or country where you live and/or operate to enter into this Agreement. If you are acquiring the Software on behalf of an entity, then you must be properly authorized to represent that entity and to accept this Agreement on its behalf.

If you are downloading or activating the Software for trial purposes or purchasing a license to the Software, you accept this Agreement by selecting the “I accept the Agreement” button or box below. If you or the entity you represent does not agree to the terms of this Agreement, select “I do not accept the Agreement”. Then no Agreement will be formed and you will not be permitted to evaluate, purchase or install and use the Software. If you purchased the Software from a retail store and do not accept the Agreement, you may return the Software in its original package with the purchase receipt to the retail store where purchased within thirty (30) days of purchase for a refund less any restocking fees.


This Agreement applies to Zillya! Antivirus (“Software”). When installing the Software, you may be prompted to accept the same or another version of ALLIT Service’s license terms; the terms of the first agreement you accept will apply to your use of the Software. All rights in this Agreement are subject to your acceptance of this Agreement.


For each license purchased, ALLIT Service grants you a non-exclusive, non-transferable, no assignable right to install and use the Software on no more than the maximum number of client's, personal or handheld computers (each a “Computer”) for which license fees have been paid as specified on your invoice, receipt, order confirmation, or other purchase documentation. Product licenses for home use must be used by end users in the same household. License fees must be paid for each Computer on which the Software is installed, provided that it may only be installed on one operating system per Computer.


If you are a trial user, ALLIT Service grants you the right to download, install and use one (1) copy of the Software on a Computer during your Subscription Term as defined in Section 7 below. At the end of your Subscription Term, this Agreement expires automatically. You may purchase a paid license to the Software by selecting the Buy Now option in the Software.



The Software requires Updates to work effectively. “Updates” are new patterns, definitions or rules for the Software’s security components and minor enhancements to the Software and accompanying documentation. Updates are only available for download and use during your Subscription Term as defined in Section 7 below. Upon download, Updates become “Software” for the purposes of this Agreement. Updates may require additional or different license terms that must be accepted before download. Updates will replace previously licensed parts of the Software, but will not increase the authorized number of Computers or registered users.


To receive Updates and other available “Subscription Services” set forth in Section 8, you must activate the Software and/or register with ALLIT Service. These controls help ensure that the Software operates only on validly licensed Computers and that validly licensed end users receive applicable Subscription Services. Registration requires a valid product serial number and a valid email address for renewal and other legal notices.


In addition to product registration information, ALLIT Service must process and store certain information about your network and equipment to provide Subscription Services and related support services. To improve its products, ALLIT Service may also upload information periodically from installed Software about product usage, detected malware or potentially unwanted files and use Service traffic to improve its data bases and develop or improve its services as effectively as possible. ALLIT Service products are not designed to capture or retain any personal or private information. You agree that ALLIT Service may (i) use uploaded data from installed Software to improve products and services; (ii) share data that has been identified as malicious or unwanted content with worldwide affiliates and security partners; and (iii) use and disclose uploaded data for analysis or reporting purposes only if any such use, sharing or disclosure does not identify you or include any information that can be used to identify any individual person. ALLIT Service reserves the title, ownership and all rights and interests to any intellectual property or work product resulting from its use and analysis of such information.