Anti-virus Under Your Brand:
How to Enter CyberSecurity Market!

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  • What is OEM-partner program and why now it is the best time to get started with your own business on security software market?
  • How to get the ready antivirus solution without investments in development and testing?
  • What are the key advantages of OEM-partnership and how will we share responsibility for newly created product and brand?

Did you know that world's antivirus software market reached 22 billion dollars in 2015?

What is OEM-partnership?

OEM business partnering model can be characterized as “easy to start”. Private entrepreneurs, Internet providers, software distributors, companies that already have their own customer base, can get the antivirus under their brand name only in one month.

Watch the video to get short overview of “how it works” and download our practical guide to explore all the opportunities.