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Zillya! OEM affiliate program

OEM affiliate program is an opportunity to become an authorized representative of Zillya! Laboratory (the developer of advanced technologies in the field of IT security). This is the great opportunity to work even if B2B activity of your company is not related to the IT sphere.

What you will recive


We give you all necessary information about the products, including the demo versions, prices for our services.

antivirus solutions

We develop antivirus solutions according to the requirements and conditions that were approved with Your client.


We guarantee to pay You the profit interest of the amount of royalties that are paid by Your client according to the agreement.
4 reasons
Why Choose Us?


Quick start of business for your client with minimal investment


Flexible conditions obtaining of partnership status (ability to raise partner status)

turnkey solution

Your client gets a simple and convenient turnkey solution


You can have an unlimited number of clients

How does it work

As our technology partner:


Personal manager who will answer to all your questions, select the most convenient scheme of work and maintain your project.

Find customers

Find the customer - company that wants to start its business in sphere related to antivirus solution sales under its own brand.


Coordinate conditions of cooperation with Your customer and assist in the signing of contract for Co-branding services rendering.

Information support

Provide information support to Your customer during the antivirus solutions development under the contract.


Receive Your profit in accordance with pre-defined partner status.


Contribute to Your customer’s business development and increase your affiliate partner status.

Who can be our partners?


Description of characteristics of company

  • Companies that provide consulting services to remote users and service PC (call centers, help desks);
  • Companies that are already working in the field of software and would like to expand their line of solutions and not have their own anti-virus laboratory;
  • Internet service providers and telecom operators that provide Internet access services for home and office;
  • Companies that deliver a variety of components and accessories for PCs under its own brand;
  • Distributors of PCs with preinstalled software.
Independent entrepreneurs

If You have:

  • Wide range of business contacts;
  • Friends who want to start their own business;
  • Partners who want to expand the range of their products and increase the brand awareness.

Becoming our partner, You get a partner status with the ability to further enhance the partner reward. The amount of Your partner reward depends on the status of the client and is directly related to the volume of license fees, carried out by Your client.

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