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Zillya! Antivirus Solutions for Co-branding
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Receive 3 products at once under your brand. Choose what you need:
Complete antivirus functionality
  • Simple and Fast
  • Basic protection
Internet Security
Antvirus, Firewall, Web-filter
  • Easy to use
  • Full protection
Enterprise Security
Client parts, Antivirus Server,
Admin panel
  • Network security company
  • Remote network administration
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Functionality AV IS ES
Complete antivirus functionality + + +
Real-time checking of files and mail messages + + +
Unique heuristic analysis algorithms + + +
Built-in tools for contacting emergency on-line antimalware service + + +
USB-protection + + +
WEB-filtering (scanning of HTTP traffic) - + +
Application-level firewall - + +
Powerful extra utilities - + +
Centralized Management of network - - +
Remote instalation - - +
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