Enterprise Security

Complex protection for small- and medium-sized business from all types of cyber threats with centralized management.

Features and functionality

Complex protection of PCs in the network of company

The network workstations (the client part) of the company will be protected by the product of "Internet Security" class. Complex protection of PCs and Internet usage with powerful additional functionality such as Firewall and Web-filter. They allow to provide the safe use of the network and to prevent visits to sites that may contain malware.

United Center of updates

Updating the anti-virus database on company computers is happening centrally and does not require an Internet connection of separate PCs. All the PCs in the corporate network will automatically receive updates from the server part of anti-virus, which has access to all PCs.

Quick notification the administrator of the dangers in the network

Administrator controls status of network protection online. If threats were detected on any PC of the network, administrator will see the messages in admin panel.

Reliable protection

Zillya! Enterprise Security reliably protects your PC against viruses, spyware, trojans and other malware. This is achieved by daily antivirus databases updates in automatic mode and built-in heuristic analyzer that allows to detect and neutralize malicious programs on their behavior basis.

Admin panel

The control center of all clients and the anti-virus server settings.

Antivirus Server

Program that brings together all of the client and can control them through the Admin Panel, distributes updates.

Client part

Program that is installed on each of the protected computers; it directly serves as an antivirus protection.

Administrator options
  • Automatic (remote) and local (manually) installation of anti-virus protection for computers.
    • Remote installation - installation of client parts on the computers over a network connection (installation over the network).
    • Local installation - installation via Installer running on client computers that need to be protected.
  • Possibility to manage client part via Internet (the IP address of the server needed).
  • Ability to control of computer network security, scans launch, viewing current events, history, list of tasks, perform actions on the found threats and system software setting firewall rules, individual client antivirus settings from the administrative panel.
  • Creating groups allows group management of computers in the network.

Client options

In case of absence of administrator password, the client has the following functions:

  • Run the scan, perform actions on threats;
  • Update the Zillya! virus database
  • Update program modules
  • Changing the monitor settings file "Watchman"
  • Change the firewall settings
  • Configuring WEB-filter
  • Changing USB-defense
Complete antivirus functionality

Protects your PC from viruses (worms, trojans, rootkits), malwares and other types of cyber threats. The main purpose is detection, removing, quarantining of viruses and curing files.

Real-time protection

Each product has such module as Guard (Patrol). This system checks files in real time and detects viruses and other malware which are trying to penetrate the PC.

Heuristic analysis algorithm

This algorithm checks the files on similar characteristics. Upon detection of a certain number of similar data in a file it makes the decision that the file may be a virus.

Mail protection

Detects infected or rogue inbound attachments so they can’t damage your PC.

USB protection

Scanning of the root of the USB drive when it is connected to the PC.


It allows you to set up automatically scanning of your PC. You can choose the mode (quick or full scan) and frequency of scanning (one time, hourly, daily, weekly or monthly).

Application-level firewall

Firewall controls the applications access to the network. Sets the rules for applications that require access to the Internet as for incoming and outgoing traffic. There are two modes of work: automatic and interactive. It protects the system from hacker attacks. There is the ability to install general settings for all system applications.


It allows you to block dangerous sites and content on suspicious sites, and also create your own list of blocked sites. Web-filter has two modes of work: site blocking and blocking downloads from the site.

StartUp manager

It allows you to view information about the programs that automatically run on Windows startup.

Task manager

Required to control the application running on the PC.

Minimal system requirements for:

Client – CPU 1 GHz, 512 MB RAM (from WinXP)

Server –CPU 1,5 GHz, 1 GB RAM (from WinXP)

Administrator– CPU 800 GHz, 256 MB RAM (from WinXP)

Operating system - Windows XP (SP2, SP3), Windows Vista, Windows 7 (32-bit and 64-bit), Windows 8 (x32, x64), Windows 10 (x32, x64)

Comparison of products

Compare Products AV IS ES
Complete antivirus functionality
Real-time protection
Unique heuristic analysis algorithms
Mail protection
USB protection
Application-level firewall
WEB-filtering (scanning of HTTP traffic)
StartUp manager
Task manager
Parental control
File eraser
System optimizer
Centralized management of network (admin panel)
Server part
Client part
Remote installation