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  • Simple solutions.
  • Reliable protection.
  • Powerful Business Tool.


Qualified technologies are a solid foundation of reliable data protection.
Zillya! development team is proud to present you a Standard product line, which is recognized as a reliable protection of users’ informational space. The Standard product line uses classic and always innovative technologies for PC protection of all users, such as: Technology-based standard of Antivirus protection, signature-based and heuristic analyzes.

OUR products

Basic protection
  • Complete antivirus functionality;
  • Fully automatic work;
  • Minimal RAM consumption;
  • Reliable protection;
  • User-friendly interface.

Internet Security
Complex protection
  • Complete antivirus functionality;
  • Application-level firewall;
  • WEB-filtering (scanning of HTTP traffic);
  • Powerful extra utilities;
  • Minimal RAM consumption;
  • Reliable protection;
  • User-friendly interface.

Enterprise Security
Best protection for small and medium-sized businesses
  • Complete antivirus functionality;
  • Centralized management of anti-virus protection inside the network;
  • Remote management of client parts;
  • Minimal RAM consumption;
  • Reliable protection;
  • User-friendly interface.

Comparison of products

Compare Products AV IS ES
Complete antivirus functionality
Real-time protection
Unique heuristic analysis algorithms
Mail protection
USB protection
Application-level firewall
WEB-filtering (scanning of HTTP traffic)
StartUp manager
Task manager
Parental control
File eraser
System optimizer
Centralized management of network (admin panel)
Server part
Client part
Remote installation
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